RoonCommandLine Contents

roon - Frontend that provides the primary user interface to communicate commands via the Python Roon API. Recommended usage is to issue Roon commands and queries via the roon frontend rather than executing the following commands directly.

clone_pyroon - Retrieve the pyroon project source code from Github and apply my patches

get_core_ip - Retrieve the Roon Core IP address

get_zone_info - Retrieve zone information

get_zone_remaining - Get remaining play time in zone

get_zones - Get zones

get_zone_volume - Get volume in zone

play_album - Frontend for playing a specified album in my Roon library

play_artist - Frontend for playing a specified artist in my Roon library

play_artist_album - Play album by artist

play_artist_track - Play track by artist

play_composer - Play composer

play_composer_album - Play album by composer

play_genre_album - Play album in genre

play_genre_artist - Play artist in genre

play_genre - Frontend to play a specified genre

play_playlist - Frontend to play a specified playlist

play_radio - Frontend for playing Live Radio in a Roon zone

play_tag - Frontend to play a specified tag

list_albums - Search and list the available Albums in your Roon Library

list_artists - Search and list the available Artists in your Roon Library

list_artist_albums - List albums by artist

list_artist_tracks - List tracks by artist

list_composer_albums - List albums by composer

list_composers - List composers

list_genre_albums - List albums in genre

list_genre_artists - List artists in genre

list_playlist_tracks - List tracks in playlist

list_genres - Search and list the available Genres in your Roon Library

list_playlists - Search and list the available Roon Playlists

list_radio - Search and list the available Roon Live Radio Stations

list_tags - Search and list the available Roon Library tags

list_zones - List the available Roon Zones

now_playing - Display currently playing track in zone or all zones

roon_fade - Enable/disable volume fade out and fade in for tracks in zone

set_volume - Set the volume level of selected Roon Zone

set_zone - Set the Roon Zone in which subsequent commands will run

set_zone_group - Set one of the Roon Zone groupings specified in roon_api.ini

zone_command - Frontend for commands to be issued in the selected Roon Zone (e.g. play, pause, pause_all, mute, mute_all, next track, previous track)

LICENSE - Apache License version 2.0

NOTICE - Copyright notice

Install - Installation script

Uninstall - Removal script

macInstall - Installation script for Mac OS (called from Install)

usage.txt - Frontend “roon” script usage documentation

api/ - Python scripts to call the Roon API with appropriate arguments

patches/ - Patches to the Python Roon API to extend its capabilities