RoonCommandLine Contents

A brief description of the Commands, Python API scripts, and Configuration files contained in the RoonCommandLine project along with links to each.


Python API scripts

Configuration files

The roon command and the Python scripts it executes utilize two configuration files.

  • /usr/local/Roon/etc/roon_api.ini - Python script initialization file
  • /usr/local/Roon/etc/pyroonconf - Auto generated shell variables used by the RoonCommandLine commands
  • LICENSE - Apache License version 2.0
  • NOTICE - Copyright notice
  • Install - Installation script for Linux systems, Debian format install
  • Uninstall - Removal script for Linux systems, Debian format uninstall
  • macInstall - Installation script for Mac OS
  • macUninstall - Removal script for Mac OS
  • usage.txt - Frontend “roon” script usage documentation
  • patches/ - Patches to the Python Roon API to extend its capabilities
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